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Printed Crcuit Board

Printed Circuit Board

For use in loom wiring of buses where all the ancillary equipment can be remotely controlled and fused from 1 point. Also has built in timer to prevent battery going flat when engine is not running. Has emergency stop relay to stop engine. Has outputs for strip, saloon,luggage,marker, lighting also air blower,pa, dvd screen, buzzer. For 12 or 24 Volt vehicles.

fan speed controller

Fan speed controller

Used where low voltage remote control by computer etc. is needed. Will switch on and vary the speed of fan connected to it using a 0 to 10 volt signal. Can be supplied enclosed with ON / Off / Manual adjustment knob on front. Used mainly in the mushroom industry but can be used by BMS systems.



Thermostat and humidistat used to control Heating Cooling and Humidity mainly for use in mushroom houses. Will provide on off for cooling and dehumidification and proportional outputs of heat and humidification. Supplied with a wet and dry sensor.